Wanderer is the cinematic pop project from singer/songwriter, Adam Simons. Created in the heart of the Arizona desert in 2016, his debut EP - C I T Y - took him from beloved local musician to nationally recognized talent, embarking on several tours and supporting major label acts on sold out shows.

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As a new unsigned artist, Wanderer’s music has already been featured on MTV, Sirius & FM radio, and seen over one million streams on Spotify. Simons’ goal above all else is to create music that makes you feel something - whether it be the soundtrack for a midnight drive, the pangs of a complicated love, or the nostalgia in remembering younger years. He continues to write and record music while traveling, finding inspiration amidst the adventure. Wanderer’s latest single, “Miss You More at Night,” layers an 80’s pop feel with lush instrumentation and sultry vocals.